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2-3 days prior to beginning our other prep work, we will completely power wash your home. ( The machine is similar to those used in a self-serve car wash). The power wash allows us to remove all oil, chalk, dirt and other environmental residue on your home.

This will provide for a clean surface for the new paint to bond to. We feel our power wash adds yeras to the life of our paint job.


We will thoroughtly hand scrape all loose, peeling and blistering paint.


We will hand sand all rough areas and feather the edges where old paint layers have been scraped off. (We can also power sand or strip down to bare wood. This restoration-type work is more expensive than hand sanding and can be preformed at an hourly rate).


We will remove all old, dried and falling caulk and replace it with new caulk. We will give special attention to seams where moisture can potentially seep in. (i. e. doors, windows, corners and cracks in wood siding).

Reglaze windows

We will remove as needed all old, dried and falling glaze (putty) around windows panes.

Primer Coating

We will apply a complete primer coat to any bare wood or metal. Troubled areas such as over stains and where there will be a dramatic color change will receive a complete primer/sealer coat as well.

Other Preparation

Includes hammering back loose boards of popped nails, (carpentry work is also available), filling nail holes, washing all mildew stains with a special bleach solution, and using a wire brush on all metal, masonry or stucco surfaces. Dropclothes will be used stensively over gardens, grass, walks, driveways, roofs, fixtures, etc. of course.

 Other Specifics

We ask that the customer be responsible for the following: lying back curtains, drapes and other window coverings, sliding windows upon completion to keep clear and free from sticking; color selectin prior to crew to work effectively.

Previous Drips

In many instances, dreaps and smears will be evident from previous jobs. If noticed by our representative during his priginal quatation, they will be pointed out.

Daily Cleanup

At the end of each day our crew is on the job, all equipment will be neatly stored, and grounds and job site will be left neat and clean.